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Above and Beyond Garage Door Service

At Overhead Door Company of Albuquerque, we go above and beyond garage door service when our customers need us. It can be hard to know that when you haven’t been a customer with us before. We wanted to share the story of a recent experience to paint that picture.

One of our garage door technicians went on a service call to Magdalena NM. The service window in which we stated we would respond was quickly approaching. The technician calls to advise he is nearby and finds the customer is very upset. Once he arrives, he finds a car in the garage with a dead battery.

In order to safety replace a garage door spring, the car should be removed from the garage. When the technician advises the homeowner they should move the vehicle, he learns that the starter is out and the homeowner does not have a way to jump start the car.

An able-bodied individual may be able to put the car in neutral and push the car out of the garage. In this case, the homeowner is elderly and unable to do so…

At this point, our technician saw an opportunity to resolve two issues with one action. He used his battery charger to charge her vehichle’s battery and get the car started so she could take it to the shop while he was working on her door.

Needless to say, the customer was extremely grateful to our technician for going above and beyond what was expected of him. This is the type of company we are. We’ll be there when you call and help with what we can.